Do you want to better understand the relationship between building design, fire behaviour and fire safety? The Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety covers key areas of fire dynamics, fire protection, egress, and safety legislation.

  • The Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety has been developed with, and tailored to, the needs of Australian fire services. It is suitable for qualified and experienced fire services professionals, as well as qualified engineers.
  • Study courses that cover the principles of fire dynamics, including fire growth and fire safety products; the codes and standards relevant to deemed-to-satisfy provisions; and more. You'll also complete design and research projects.
  • Undertake research in collaboration with fire and emergency services. You'll have access to fire research testing at the Live Fire Campus on Whyte Island in Brisbane, which is part of the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy.
  • Benefit from a flexible program, which offers coursework in one-week intensive blocks and allows project-work to be completed as independent study. This means you can balance your studies with your professional or personal commitments.

The Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety offers a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge, skills and practice across a broad range of areas relevant to fire safety.

  • Fast Facts

    Global standing

    The Faculty of Engineering was ranked 60th in the world by subject in the 2017 QS World University Rankings. Our engineering academics also scored the highest possible rating in the 2015 ERA Outcomes, which means our research is internationally significant.

  • Why study

    Work closely with experts

    Our fire safety program is coordinated by respected fire engineering expert Professor José L. Torero, whose research focuses on the fire safety of complex environments (e.g. mines, tall buildings, bushfires, tunnels, aircraft, etc). Professor Torero has worked on a range of landmark projects, including the collapse of the World Trade Center.

  • Why study

    One-of-a-kind program

    UQ is home to fire safety experts who engage in teaching, research, and commercial activities relating to fire safety, combustion and material behaviour. This combination of expertise is without equal in Australia.

  • Beyond the classroom

    Pursue further study

    UQ is an Associate Partner in the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMSFE) program. The IMFSE is a two-year master's program taught through universities in Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Scotland. Scholarships are available.

Career outcomes

The Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety provides professionals in fire safety a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge, skills and practice and develop their careers.

The program introduces core concepts in the assessment and delivery of a fire safety strategy, together with emerging directions and innovative practices. Students learn to locate, interpret, synthesise and apply information from a variety of sources.

Graduates demonstrate specialised knowledge in fire safety across a broad range of areas including fire dynamics, fire protection systems, egress and fire safety legislation.

Graduates who are also existing industry professionals – particularly Building Approvals Officers within the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (and similar) – often find the program enhances their career prospects, and move into educational, leadership or higher-level roles.


Entry requirements


Bachelor degree in engineering or related field or Diploma in Fire and Rescue Operations, Diploma of Public Safety - Firefighting Management and Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Firefighting Management plus at least 2 years' experience. Applications on the basis of post-secondary study and two years work experience in a related field will be individually assessed.

Program structure


The courses offered in the Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety are set out in the course list. Each course is allocated a certain number of units (#).

Courses Program Rules

The Program Rules explain what is required to complete the Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety. These requirements include the total number of units you need to complete in order to graduate.

Program Rules

To have your degree conferred, you also need to comply with UQ’s policies and rules.

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