Are you involved in planning, managing, or operating passenger transport? The Graduate Certificate in Public Transport will provide you with a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge across a range of public transport areas.

  • This one-year part-time program is designed for professionals in the public transport sector. It provides an overview of subject areas including transport planning, management and operations.
  • Complete seven courses to learn about the broader context of public transport operations; public transport network and service planning; policy issues; research methods; and more.
  • Undertake a research project on a specific public transport topic or issue within an industry setting. You'll develop a research question, review and engage with relevant literature, conduct data collection and analysis, and write a report.
  • Benefit from our program's flexible structure. Don't worry – we know you're busy. Most courses available as three-day (20-hour) intensives, including the six coursework subjects. The research project course requires independent study.

If you're a public transport professional, the Graduate Certificate in Public Transport will provide you with an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, skills and practice – and develop your career.

  • Work closely with experts

    Our public transport program is co-ordinated by transport expert Professor Phil Charles, who has developed transport strategy and policy across Australia. His research focuses on regional transport strategy, urban passenger transport, and traffic incident management.

  • One-of-a-kind degree

    The GCPTrans was developed in consultation with experienced transport practitioners and is the only specialised program of its kind in Australia.

  • Industry links

    We have strong local links with Translink and its associated operators, as well as strong interstate links with Transport for NSW, Public Transport Victoria, Metro Trains Melbourne, and the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia.

  • Strong research focus

    Public transport is a key research area in the School of Civil Engineering, which is home to an Intelligent Transport Systems Research Laboratory that has high-end computing and transport modelling software.

Career outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Public Transport have specialised knowledge in public transport across a broad range of areas, including planning, management and operations, and performance management.

Many of our graduates use their qualifications as a way of moving ahead with their careers and use the GCPTrans as a stepping-stone to higher-level management roles, or planning positions within the sector.


Entry requirements


Bachelor degree in engineering or related field. Applications on the basis of post-secondary study and two years work experience in a related field individually assessed.

Program structure


The courses offered in the Graduate Certificate in Public Transport are set out in the course list. Each course is allocated a certain number of units (#).

Courses Program Rules

The Program Rules explain what is required to complete the Graduate Certificate in Public Transport. These requirements include the total number of units you need to complete in order to graduate.

Program Rules

To have your degree conferred, you also need to comply with UQ’s policies and rules.

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