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International regional managers


Region or country Regional manager name Email address
Africa Ms Alicia Hogan a.hogan@uq.edu.au
Bangladesh Ms Sweny Rokani s.rokani@uq.edu.au
Brunei Ms Wai Yen Chan wai.chan@uq.edu.au
China Mr Lee Henshaw lee.henshaw@uq.edu.au
Europe Ms Alicia Hogan a.hogan@uq.edu.au
Hong Kong Mr Lee Henshaw lee.henshaw@uq.edu.au
India Ms Sweny Rokani s.rokani@uq.edu.au
Indonesia Ms Fitria Arsianti f.arsianti@uq.edu.au
Japan Mr Anthony Craig anthony.craig@uq.edu.au
Macau Mr Lee Henshaw lee.henshaw@uq.edu.au
Malaysia Ms Wai Yen Chan wai.chan@uq.edu.au
Middle East Mr Ryan Goh goh@fdn.uq.edu.au
North America Ms Natalia Piedrahita n.piedrahita@uq.edu.au
Pakistan Ms Sue Dengate s.dengate@uq.edu.au
Philippines Ms Fitria Arsianti f.arsianti@uq.edu.au
Russia Mr Anthony Craig anthony.craig@uq.edu.au
South America Ms Natalia Piedrahita n.piedrahita@uq.edu.au
South Korea Mr Anthony Craig anthony.craig@uq.edu.au
Sri Lanka Ms Sweny Rokani s.rokani@uq.edu.au
Taiwan Mr Anthony Craig anthony.craig@uq.edu.au


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