Tuition fees


As an international student at UQ, you will pay international tuition fees. How much you pay depends on what program you will be studying.

Coursework programs

Tuition fees for international students commencing a UQ program are program-based. This means all courses within a program are charged at the same tuition fee rate for a given academic year.

Some programs have additional costs. Check your program page.

For specific information about tuition fees, choose a relevant page: 

There are several ways you can pay tuition fees. There may also be a student loan program offered by your home country to cover some of your educational expenses. 

Higher Degrees by Research

Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy

    Tuition fees for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) vary according to your academic field and attendance mode.

    MPhil and PhD students are charged a tuition fee each research quarter.

    View PhD and MPhil fees for commencing international students

    PhD and MPhil students may be eligible to apply for scholarships and prizes that cover the cost of their tuition fees. 

    Professional Doctorates (Research)

    Tuition fees for a Professional Doctorate (Research) are charged:

    • each semester for the coursework component, and
    • every research quarter for the research component.

    Tuition fees are indexed annually.

    Professional Doctorates (Research) include the Doctor of Biotechnology. 

    View Professional Doctorate (Research) fees for commencing international students

    Professional Doctorate (Research) students may be eligible to apply for scholarships and prizes that cover the cost of their tuition fees. 

    Higher doctorates

    Tuition fees do not apply to Higher Doctorates.

    Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

    Most Australian universities charge a compulsory annual Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF).

    The SSAF is used to fund for non-academic services for students, including sports and recreation, employment and careers advice, child care, and food services.

    The maximum annual fee is $308 for 2020. UQ charges the SSAF according to your mode of attendance (internal/external) and enrolment load (full-time/part-time). The fee is indexed annually.

    Additional administrative fees

    Under certain circumstances, additional administrative charges may apply to you. These additional charges include:

    • adding or substituting courses
    • cancelling enrolments
    • late payment of fees
    • issuance of academic transcripts.

    Please see the University's fee schedules for more information.

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