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Student contributions and tuition fees


University costs money, but it’s a valuable investment in your future. At UQ, how much you pay depends on what type of program you’re studying and the courses you choose. 

Commonwealth supported places

A Commonwealth supported place is a subsidised enrolment at university. The Australian Government subsidises a Commonwealth supported place by paying part of the fees for the place directly to the university and the student pays the remainder of the fees through a "student contribution amount".

Domestic undergraduate and honours places for commencing students at UQ are Commonwealth supported. UQ offers a limited number of postgraduate Commonwealth supported places.

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Students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place will either pay their student contributions upfront, or if eligible, can access the HECS-HELP scheme to pay their student contributions.

Tuition fee-paying places

Tuition fees are payable by those students not enrolled in Commonwealth supported places. This includes most postgraduate coursework students, as well as non-award students. 

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Students enrolled in a tuition fee-paying place will either pay their tuition fees upfront, or if eligible, can access the FEE-HELP scheme to pay all or part of their tuition fees.

Research higher degrees

If you are a domestic student, you do not have to pay tuition fees for your research higher degree (RHD).

The Australian Government provides funding to all Australian universities through the Research Training Scheme to cover the cost of RHD training places.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Most Australian universities charge a compulsory annual Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF).

SSAF proceeds are used for non-academic services for students, including sports and recreation, employment and careers advice, child care, and food services.

The maximum annual fee for 2017 is $294. UQ charges the SSAF according to your mode of attendance (internal/external) and enrolment load (full-time/part-time). The fee is indexed annually.

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