2. Entry requirements

To meet the minimum entry requirements for an undergraduate program at UQ, you need to:

You'll find your program's specific requirements by searching for the program. Entry requirements are listed under the 'Program Details' tab on the program page. 

Some programs have a quota, with limited places available. As entry is competitive, meeting the minimum entry requirements for these programs does not guarantee admission. For programs without a quota, UQ offers places to all applicants who meet the program's minimum entry requirements.

Queensland Year 12 or equivalent qualifications

To be offered a place in an undergraduate program, you need to have successfully completed Queensland Year 12, or a qualification equivalent to Queensland Year 12, with the required minimum entry score for the program you're interested in studying.

You may also be considered if you have studied a diploma, advanced diploma or a year or more of tertiary study. 

If your qualification isn’t considered equivalent to Queensland Year 12, you can apply for the IES Foundation Year program or another pathway. These programs can help you meet the minimum entry requirements for the program you’re interested in.

Minimum entry scores

A minimum entry score is the lowest score you need to achieve to be considered for a place in a program. If your entry score isn’t what you hoped for, there’s a number of pathways to help you out.

A program's required entry score is displayed in different ways, depending on the studies you have completed:

Australian Year 12 or New Zealand NCEA studies

If you’re currently studying Year 12 (or equivalent) in Australia or the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3 in New Zealand, you must achieve the required OP, QLD Rank or ATAR score, or IB score for your preferred UQ program.

International studies equivalent to Australian Year 12

If you're currently completing your senior schooling overseas, you must achieve the equivalent of the required entry score for your preferred UQ program. See the overseas entry score equivalents list to find the equivalent for the minimum score required.

Non-school leavers

If you’re not a current school leaver, we’ll assess your application based on any study you have completed since finishing high school.

If you’ve already started a degree or have completed a recognised diploma or advanced diploma, you may be able to transfer to UQ and receive credit for your previous studies.

Subject Prerequisites

Some programs have subject prerequisites, which are specific subjects you need to have passed to be eligible for admission to a program. These subjects provide you with required foundational knowledge to help you succeed in your program. At a minimum, prerequisites are usually Queensland Year 12 authority subjects or their interstate or international equivalents.

You’ll find a program’s prerequisites on each program page. Subject prerequisites are listed under the ‘Program Details’ tab.

If you don’t meet the subject prerequisites for your desired program, pathways are available to help you out.

Some programs also have recommended knowledge areas. These are not compulsory, but may help you to better understand course material.

If you’re not currently studying Year 12 (or equivalent), your application will be assessed to determine whether you have met the required prerequisites.

English language proficiency requirements

All applicants have to meet our English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. For most programs, you’ll need to meet the standard ELP requirements, but some programs have higher than usual ELP requirements.

English language proficiency requirements are displayed under the ‘Program Details’ tab on the program page.

There are many ways you can meet ELP requirements, such as:

  • senior secondary or post-secondary study
  • English language tests and
  • work experience.

For information on ELP requirements at UQ, and ways to meet these requirements, see the English language proficiency requirements page.

For many of our programs, if you meet the academic entry requirements for the program, but need further English language study to meet the ELP requirements, you can apply for a package offer. Package offers include English language studies at UQ-ICTE and a conditional offer of admission to a UQ program.

Program-specific application requirements

Some programs have additional entry requirements. The Bachelor of Music (Honours), for example, asks applicants to audition.

Carefully check each program for specific application requirements. These will be listed under the ‘Program Details’ tab on the program page.

How your application is assessed

All UQ qualifications are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our International Admissions team will review your qualification to check that it meets the requirements of the program you're interested in.

We also refer to the reputation or ranking of your institution and the National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR). This ensures your academic background meets Australian standards as well as the subject or discipline requirements of a UQ program.

Inherent requirements

Some programs also have inherent requirements you must meet to be able to graduate. These requirements are core activities, tasks or skills that are essential to the program.

Before applying for a program with inherent requirements, it’s important to read through them carefully and think about whether you’ll be able to meet them.

See something that needs editing? Let us know.

See something that needs editing? Let us know.



Your senior schooling is from Australia

If you’re currently studying Year 12 (either in Australia or offshore) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, submit your application online through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Apply to QTAC

All other international applicants

If you’re an international student not currently studying Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, submit your application directly to UQ.

Apply directly to UQ

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