Credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) Study


If you’ve completed an International Baccalaureate, you may be eligible for credit towards your UQ program.

How does it work?

You can receive up to one semester (8 units) of credit towards a UQ program, depending on the structure of the program, the IB courses studied, and the grades you achieved.


The table below outlines the minimum grades you need to achieve for certain IB subjects in order for them to count as credit towards your UQ program.

IB subject Minimum grade required Credit / exemption
Biology (HL) 6 Specified credit for BIOL1020 (2 units)
Chemistry (HL)  6 Specified credit for CHEM1100 (2 units) or CHEM1004 (2 units)
Computer Science (HL) 6 Specified credit for CSSE1001 (2 units)
Economics (HL) 6 Exemption from ECON1011 or ECON1010 and ECON1020
English (HL) 6 Specified credit for ENGL1800 (2 units)
Mathematics (SL) 4 Exemption from MATH1040
Mathematics (HL) 3 Exemption from MATH1040 and MATH1050
Music (HL) 6 Unspecified credit for a music elective at 1st year level (2 units)
Psychology (SL) 6 Exemption for PSYC1020 (2 units)
Psychology (HL) 6 Specified credit for PSYC1020 (2 units) and exemption from PSYC1030
Sports, Exercise and Health Science 6 Eligible for credit for BIOL1040 (2 units)
Business Management (HL) 6 Exemption from MGTS1301 (2 units)


Students who have studied a language other than English during their IB should complete our placement questionnaire. Depending on the grade you achieved, you may be able to begin your language studies at UQ at a higher level / stream. 

As a guide, the following table shows the minimum UQ entry point for those achieving a grade of 4 or better in the following IB subjects.

IB subject Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) AB Initio
Chinese Stream C (Post-Secondary) Stream B (Low Intermediate)
French Stream C (Post-Secondary) Stream B (Intermediate)
German  Stream B (Post-Secondary) Second Course Stream A (Beginners Stream)
Indonesian Stream B (Intermediate) N/A
Japanese  Stream B (Intermediate) Second year Stream A (Beginners Stream)
Korean Stream B (Post-Secondary) N/A
Spanish Second year Stream A (Post-Secondary) Second course Stream A (Beginners Stream)

Please note this is not a complete list of languages offered at UQ. If you studied a language as part of your IB and don't see it in the table, check the School of Languages and Cultures for more information. 

How to apply for credit

If you are offered a place in a UQ program, please fill out the Credit or Exemption for IB Students application form (PDF, 337.8 KB) and submit it to a Student Centre.

Detailed information about applying for credit can be found in the Credit for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning Policy.

For more information, please contact UQ Admissions.


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