Welcome to Herston headquarters

Your healthy new home

Just three kilometres from the Brisbane city centre, Herston is UQ’s core campus for clinical health teaching and research.

Sharing premises with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, its vibrant clinical and research community allows UQ to deliver innovative and contemporary research and education programs in a clinical academic environment.

Major research institutes on campus include the UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) and the Child Health Research Centre (CHRC), along with other key facilities such as the Oral Health Centre and the purpose-built Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF).

Getting to Herston

Adjacent to the Brisbane CBD, Herston's precinct for clinical health teaching and research is easily accessible. Choose your mode of transport for information on routes and timetables.

University library

With 16 branches and more than two million physical format resources, 1000 databases and one million e-books, UQ is well-equipped to ease your study worries with the largest research library in Queensland.

Living, learning, working

When you start out as a UQ student there will be endless new aspects of daily life for you to explore, and the people who can give you tips, tricks and advice are easy to find.