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International transfer students

International transfer students

Let's make it happen

We know choosing the right international university for your studies is an important decision.  

When you're changing countries at the same time as beginning to study at a new institution, there are a world of things for you to consider.

There's a lot for you to take in, so to make sure you have a smooth start to your exciting journey we've pulled together all the information you need in one place.

International Undergraduate Study Guide

Explore your options

Looking for some light reading? Browse some of our print publications for more information on programs, events, scholarships, upcoming important dates and much more.

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Find your dream program

Figuring out what you love and what you want to do are often the hardest decisions. Get started by searching our programs or browsing by study area.

Applying to UQ

Once you know what you want to study, the next step is to apply. But don't worry, we walk you through everything you need to know, ensuring you make the most of your application.

Information for parents

Information for parents

We want you to be able to share useful information about UQ with the people you care about. This space is for your parents so they can be involved in your journey.

Get your family involved

Careers and employability

Careers and employability

With unique opportunities for internships, volunteering and part-time roles, our career services assist you in preparing for and achieving your career goals.

Your career starts now

Campus life

Campus life

With a vibrant and diverse student community from more than 140 counties, our campuses are a great place to meet new people and relax in a welcoming environment.

Explore what you can do

Living in Brisbane

Living in Brisbane

Young, vibrant and entrepreneurial, Brisbane is fast becoming an economic hub in the Asia Pacific for business, investment, major events and education.

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Getting ready for your UQ experience

Beginning university means adjusting to a lot of new things at once - new surroundings, new people, new habits - but there are plenty of resources available to help you settle in.

Getting prepared
Whether this is your first time abroad, or you are a seasoned traveller making a new home, starting university in another country is a time of great change.
Meet us in your country
If speaking to someone face-to-face before you leave home sounds good to you, UQ staff regularly travel globally to provide assistance and advice to future students.
Finding a place to call home is a big part of feeling settled. From on-campus colleges to off-campus student housing, you'll find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Learn to see the potential of the world. Gain the knowledge to make it better.

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