Terry Vo, USA


Hi, my name is Terry Vo, I'm from the USA. I studied a Masters of Governance and Public Policy at The University of Queensland. I was also a Brisbane International Student Ambassador.
Hi, my name is Terry Vo and I studied the Masters of Governance and Public Policy at UQ.

Why did you decide to study in Australia and specifically at UQ?

While searching for a Masters of Governance and Public Policy program, UQ was one of the top links when I searched Google. After considering a few other universities, I decided that UQ would be best based on several factors, including the timing of the semester.

In addition, initial contact and follow-up at UQ were by far the best compared to other universities I had been in contact with. The program had courses that I was interested in as well.

What was your most memorable experience at UQ?

My most memorable experience at UQ was when I was asked to be part of an international student focus group. The session was useful and allowed us to give feedback on a few glitches we had encountered on our journey to UQ.

If I had not attended the session, I would not have met one of my best friends at UQ because we study different subjects. Thank you so much for facilitating that and bringing us together.

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