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Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

An introduction to studying at UQ as an undergraduate student, including information about our programs, entry requirements, how to apply, living costs, accommodation and much more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 11.7MB)

UQ Scholarships Guide 2016

UQ Scholarships Guide 2017

Are you eligible for a scholarship to assist you while you are studying at UQ? Find out what's on offer and how to apply!

 Download the guide (PDF, 975KB)  

UQ Guide for Parents

UQ Guide for Parents

The transition to university is a big adjustment – not just for students, but also for you – so we've put together this guide to help you understand more about UQ and university in general.

 Download the guide (PDF, 524KB)

Accommodation Guide

Accommodation Guide

A comprehensive rundown of accommodation options for future UQ students that covers living costs, locations and a range of options for where to call home while you study.

 Download the guide (PDF, 426KB)

Enhanced Studies Program Guide

With our Enhanced Studies Program you can complete a UQ course during Year 12. Learn what being a UQ student is like by becoming one!

 Download the guide (PDF, 369KB)

UQ College Guide

UQ College Student Guide

UQ College offers an alternative entry for international students wishing to study business. 

 Download the guide (PDF, 2.5MB)  

Entry Options 2016

Entry Options Guide 2017

Find the best pathway to gain entry to the UQ program that’s right for you. This guide includes explanations of different application processes and ways to upgrade your skills and qualifications.

 Download the guide (PDF, 1.6MB)

UQ Abroad Student Exchange Program Guide

UQ Abroad Program Guide

Learning is a journey. Take yours to all corners of the globe. Study overseas for up to one year while gaining credit towards your UQ degree.

 Download the guide (PDF, 640KB)

UQ Young Scholars Program

Designed to nurture and develop our future leaders, the Young Scholars Program presents students with an exciting opportunity for academic enrichment and community development.

 Download the guide (PDF, 631KB)

Year 10 Student Guide

Year 10 Student Guide

If you're currently in Year 10 and wondering what life is like at UQ this is the guide for you! Find out your study options and which pathways you can take to get here.

 Download the guide (PDF, 393KB)

International Baccalaureate Student Guide

International Baccalaureate (IB) Student Guide

Find out about your eligibility, credit, and pathways to studying at UQ. 

 Download the guide (PDF, 295KB)  

Business and Economics Undergraduate Program Guide 2017

An introduction to studying Business and Economics at UQ as an undergraduate. Includes information about program options, entry requirements, application processes and key contacts to help you with any questions.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.2MB)

Law Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program Guide 2017

If you're interested in studying Law at UQ, this is where you can explore undergradute and postgraduate programs, including information on programs, entry requirements and application processes.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.1MB)

UQ Health Undergraduate Guide 2017

Learn about undergraduate study in Health at UQ, including biomedical science, dental science, sport and nutrition sciences, human services, medicine, midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, speech pathology and more.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.8MB)

Engineering Undergraduate Study Guide

Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

Explore undergraduate programs in architecture, chemical, biological, environmental, metallurgical, civil, geotechnical, electrical, mechatronic, mining, aerospace and computer engineering, information technology and multimedia design.

 Download the guide (PDF, 7.5MB)

Arts, Education and Social Sciences Undergraduate Guide

Arts, Communication, Education and Society Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

Learn more about studying arts, communication, education, international studies, music, journalism and social sciences as an undergraduate at UQ.

 Download the guide (PDF, 7.1MB)

Business and Economics Postgraduate Guide 2017

A snapshot of studying Business and Economics at UQ as a postgraduate student. Includes details about program options, courses, fields of study, entry requirements and admissions information.

 Download the guide (PDF, 4.2MB)

UQ Health Postgraduate Guide 2016

If you're thinking about undertaking postgraduate study in Health at UQ this guide will help you explore your options, providing details about program options, courses, fields of study, entry requirements and admissions information.

 Download the guide (PDF, 3.3MB)

Science Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

Learn about studying advanced science at UQ, including agribusiness, biomedical science, biotechnology, environmental and geographical Sciences, food technology, occupational health, and veterinary sciences.

 Download the guide (PDF, 5.9MB)

Science Postgraduate Study Guide 2017

Find out about our postgraduate level science programs including agribusiness, bioinformatics, biotechnology, conservation and environmental management, financial mathematics, geographic information science, molecular imaging, magnetic resonance technology and veterinary science.

 Download the guide (PDF, 1.9MB)

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