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Entry into UQ programs is competitive. If you’re not offered a place in your first program of choice, a tertiary study pathway can help. 

A tertiary study pathway (PDF, 71.7 KB) involves improving your entry score or meeting subject prerequisites by studying an alternative UQ program.

It's a good idea to choose an alternative program that has something in common with your preferred degree – whether it's from the same or a similar discipline.

In many cases, you can apply to have study credits transferred to the new program. 

We recommend you successfully complete at least one year of full-time study (16 units) to improve your entry score. The better your results, the better your chances of gaining entry into your desired program. 

Please note that once you have attempted one year of full-time study, we will no longer use your Year 12 results.

It is possible to earn a competitive entry score with less than one year of full-time bachelor-level (or higher) study; however, these ranks are capped and may be inadequate for entry into high-demand programs (e.g. physiotherapy).

Undertaking a tertiary study pathway can be complex, especially for applicants who have previously studied at uni. For more information, contact UQ Admissions.

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