Credit and exemptions for previous study


If you have completed previous tertiary study, you may be eligible to receive credit for or exemption from certain courses in your academic program.

If you have studied at another university 

You may be eligible for credit towards your UQ program if you have undertaken previous studies at another university, including Open Learning Australia. 

Search our Credit Precedents Database to help determine your eligibility for credit by looking at the precedents established for courses and programs previously assessed for credit by UQ.

Credit Precedents Database

Once you have been offered a place in a UQ program, please fill out our Credit or exemption application form (PDF, 332KB) and forward your request to the relevant faculty.

If you have studied at TAFE

If you have an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or Advanced Diploma at TAFE, you may be eligible for credit towards a UQ program.

Credit for TAFE Study

If you have studied an International Baccalaureate (IB) 

IB students may receive credit or exemption for selected courses at UQ. Students may be awarded up to one semester (8 units) credit towards their UQ degree depending on the structure of their degree program, the IB courses studied and the grades achieved.

Credit for International Baccalaureate Study

For further information, rules and definitions regarding credit for previous study, head to our Policies and Procedures page.

For further information, please contact UQ Admissions.

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